WordSmitten Media. We are a group of journalists who began reporting on the book publishing industry in 1999 beginning with our online site, www.WordSmitten.com (the people, the books, the business of writing). We provided insider reports on literary agents, editors, and book publishing executives and events.

That was fun, and we decided to create www.wordsmittenmedia.com, to expand our services.

We now have www.WordSmittenMedia.com for our clients and still have our “classic” www.WordSmitten.com, a gateway for writers who want to be professionally published by mainstream New York City book publishers.

In 2005, we began producing a radio broadcast, “About the Books.” Our radio broadcast (find our podcast on iTunes) is now distributed internationally and guests on the show have included Pulitzer Prize-winning authors (Jane Smiley, Edward P. Jones, Gay Talese, Elizabeth Strout) and debut novelists (Nancy Horan, Thisbe Nissen, Daniel Suarez, Andrew Trees).

In 2008, we began our new company, WordSmitten Media Services.  Our clients include CVT Corporate Video Training (corporate and broadcast news production, including ABC, CBS, and NBC), the Sarasota Winefest & Auction, Goodwill BookWorks, and authors who continue to hire us to provide Website content, author trailers, and advice on completing a manuscript, writing a professional query letter, and researching the right literary agent to represent their book.

In 2010, we launched another company. About the Town. Visit our sites: www.About-the-Town.com and www.meetup.com/About-the-Town and join us for Food, Wine, Fun, and Notable Personalities.

In 2012, we began a very exciting project, to begin transcribing our About-the-Books radio broadcasts, for our spoken-word segments to be transcribed printed-word versions. This is a labor-intensive activity and we want to rely on your support to get this important project done this year. For more information, visit our new site, www.About-the-Books.com and read excerpts from interviews we have conducted with Pulitzer Prize-winning authors.

In 2013, at our 7th Annual WordSmitten Writing Conference, we featured the literary rock star Tom Robbins who is the author of “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues” and eight other novels. His new book is due out in 2014. He appeared on our AM Talk Show and taught two master classes at our February 2013 conference. Visit www.About-the-Books.com and read excerpts from the interview with Tom Robbins and other interviews we have conducted with Pulitzer Prize-winning authors.

Check back to get the details of our next annual conference in 2014.

For our corporate clients, we provide many services for your projects.

If you would like us to talk with you about WordSmitten Media Services, give us a call. 800-727-6214. Tell us what you would like to accomplish. Are you looking for Web site content that is written in Google-friendly terms, bringing more traffic to your company’s Website? Or, do you have a story to tell that requires we customize your own radio show? Call us. We believe that our customer comes first and would be pleased to talk with you about your projects.

Contact us.
WordSmitten Media Services
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and visit

Candidates who would like to send resumes directly to us, contact us at HR <at> wordsmitten.com and we will respond if you have sent a courteous cover letter and resume in a PDF format. We do not open MSWord docs but we do accept resumes that are in an email (embedded, not attached). Please provide links to any clips of your work. Do not send the clips unless they are in PDF format (or a link to a page where your work resides).

For those of you have not visited our other company sites, scroll to the left side to visit www.WordSmitten.com. Visit our writing workshops at www.meetup.com/wordsmitten. And visit www.About-the-Town for food, wine, fun, and notable personalities. Tune in to www.About-the-Books.com, for interviews with Pulitzer Prize-winning authors and debut novelists. We encourage you to take a short trot through the celebrated and literary minds who visit About the Books.

Thank you for visiting WordSmitten Media.

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