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We enjoy working with our clients who include authors, nonprofits, media production professionals, and attorneys. Recent projects include assisting with the launch of WEDU-TV reporter and author Cathy Unruh. She is on tour with her new book, Taming Me.

We have worked with nationally recognized speakers to assist them with books for tours and we provided guidance to a local circuit court judge who recently sold more than 275,000 books.

We managed a book-signing event for author Sterling Watson who heads up the Writers in Paradise conference at Eckerd College.

As a case study in branding, we worked with the owner of a local company, CVT Corporate Video Training.  What did we accomplish for our client for this new project?

  • Brand – Name the company, set the rules, decide on what kind of corporate culture and presence the new image requires.
  • Design – With the new brand name, CVT and the digital media and video production, we worked with our client to create the logo and the “image” of the logo. CVT corporate video training. The logo rolls out as an image that is reminiscent of a film or video camera that is spinning film, spinning a story. CVTcorporatevideotraining. The client likes it. That makes us very happy. Visit their site at to learn more about them.
  • Web – These days, very few companies have their own IT department, so we asked our client what they need. Do they want HTML or CMS? We evaluated WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, all the good content management systems. The client, and we agree, likes WordPress.
  • Workshop – To begin to have the CVT brand name recognized, we created a workshop. An enjoyable and fun event for the key talent to present information about CVT. The event, November 6, at the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce, targets an ideal audience that would benefit from CVT’s resources and experience.
  • Community Forum – We created another site for the client to begin to interact with their potential clients. This is social media at its best.  Within days of creating the social forum, clients began to pop up and join the conversation about video production.
  • Getting the Word Out – At WordSmitten Media Services, we enjoy getting the word out for our clients.

Contact us and we’ll be delighted to help you get the word out about your company’s products and services.

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