WordSmitten Writing Workshop Series

The WordSmitten Writing Workshop Series meets every month. Our writing workshops are $15.00 per month and include professional writers in a group critique setting.

Writing classes are held in the Tampa Bay area, beginning with workshops held each month in the evenings, for six months, in Tampa at the Centre Club, in Treasure Island, and at our WordSmitten offices on First Avenue North in St. Petersburg, zip 33713.

To register, click on the far right upper window, WORKSHOPS, and scroll down the workshop page to the calendar. Choose the workshop orientation link, create your personal ID and password, and select a time for your orientation phone call. When you have registered, visit our community forum for writers at www.Meetup.com/WordSmitten and click on the Members tab to get to know our writers.

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The Hidden Novelist Project

This month, we have launched a new project on Kickstarter to support the Hidden Novelist Project. This project pulls the door open on the archives of the About the Books broadcast, taking our spoken-word audio files and transcribing them to printed-word formats. Big project; five years worth of material. Thanks for your support! Here’s the Kickstarter link:


Also, read the initial Hidden Novelist interviews from our broadcast on www.About-the-Books.com, where you’ll find insider tips from Pulitzer Prize-winning authors.

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Writing Workshops

If you have ever been to a seminar, a workshop, or a large conference, what was your experience like and did you return to your company with answers?

In these digital days, we think that one-to-one relationships still work.

We create, manage, and customize a workshop for your company. It’s a turnkey event. It attracts potential clients that you talk with during the session to introduce your products, services, and personal attention. It’s a place where a client gets to know your company. In person.

Advertising works, but does it bring you face-to-face with clients who want to ask a few questions before they buy your product or service?

A workshop. Where people meet to talk about what they want. Where they say, “I found a great company, went to a workshop, and they answered all my questions about this project. I hired them.” People hire people they know, like, and trust. Workshops.

Call us and we’ll be delighted to have you sit in on our next workshop. See for yourself how effective this is for gaining new customers.

Also, read the interviews from our broadcast on www.About-the-Books.com, where you’ll find great insider tips from Pulitzer Prize-winning authors.

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